Goshiwon Housing Seoul Korea FAQ

  • What is Goshiwon?

Goshiwon is originally designed to be an accommodation for someone who prepare the important exam for their life.  Therefore It is very important to understand that living in Goshiwon is required to be quiet all the time just like a library. I have written one of those in my blog about what Goshiwon is. Please also find my post here. What is Goshiwon?

  • What is Pros and Cons living in Goshiwon?


1.  It is super cheap. The prices ranges mostly between 220USD and 450USD in average.  All utilities are included in the rent.  There is no extra fee or heavy deposit compared to other accommodation such as Officetel, Oneroom, Sharehouse in Korea.

2. Mostly closed to the public transportation for example subways and bus stops.  Seoul is one of the top city where public transportation is really good to acces pretty much any place.

3. There are some free meals provided. Most Goshiwon provides free meals such as stemmed rice, Kimchi, Ramen (Instant noodles) There are few Goshiwon provides more side dishes.


It is super cheap.  There are some drawbacks because of this. The size of room is mostly under 2×2 meters.  Therefore, it is not recommended for a person who do not like small space and has many personal items all the time. Mostly in Goshiwon There is no elevator provided in the building.  Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable with stairs, then it would not be a good place to live in Goshiwon. There may be lack of security facility in some poorly managed goshiwon. It is pretty important to check if the fire safety facilities is well equipped before you sign up the contract.

  • How to find a good goshiwon?

You can use Google. Google keyword search shows the results in order based on the reputation fairly.  Try main keyword with “goshi” or “Goshiwon” with name of location you want to live. For example “Goshitel Hongdae”, or “Goshiwon Hongdae” Also, try social network services such as Facebook or YouTube to search good Goshiwon where provide many more information than others. Goshipages.com or gosiwonstory.com would be the one of the good way to find preferable Goshiwon in your favorite area. If you can read the Hangul (Korean Language), then you can search thru Naver Cafe (Ilovegosiwon), gosi1.net or gosiwonhome.com.  I highly recommend to visit the Goshiwon before you make the monthly contract.

  • Payment, how do I make a Payment?

You can pay in cash or credit mostly. There are an additional service charge if you want to pay in credit though. You would be asked to pay monthly the rent in advance.  You would not be required to has an Korean bank account to live in Goshiwon, Seoul, Korea.

  • Any recommended area to live in Goshiwon?

Hongdae, Shincheon, Gangnam area would be the good place to start to search Goshiwon because there are many the top quality goshiwons are located.

  • How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation with paying the reservation fee (mostly asked 50,000KRW) You can pay thru either bank transfer or Paypal. It is required to check in within 7~10 days after the room you plan to check in is available.